27 Nov

Dads get baby blues, too

Really important to recognise that dads can be anxious and depressed as well as mums around the time of birth – this study suggests lack of social support one of the risk factors, perhaps more antenatal education targeted at dads would help with this?

A new study shows that fathers as well as mothers can suffer from anxiety and depression around the birth of a new baby; around 1 in 10 men are affected.

Source: Dads get baby blues, too

21 Jun

Why we’ll never achieve gender equality until fathers are at the heart of family life | Herald Scotland

Another great article for Father’s Day – lots of interesting points so sad to hear of a dad being told his role for labour was to make sandwiches, fill the car with petrol and do as he was told – dads can do so much more to benefit them, their partners and their children we need to think about how we can support.

GENDER equality was recently put centre-stage by First Minister Nicola Sturgeon, with a commitment to ensure that no woman faces a “glass ceiling” that limits their ambitions.

Source: Why we’ll never achieve gender equality until fathers are at the heart of family life | Herald Scotland

20 Jun

Father’s Days

Ahead of Father’s Day tomorrow this is a fantastic and moving reflection on fatherhood by one dad

A cartoonist’s journey into first-time fatherhood

Source: Father’s Days

09 Jun

To know or not to know?

Here’s an interesting blog about when parents to be disagree about whether to find out the sex of their baby at the 20 week scan – this is on the new combined Dad Talk and Dads Info website – worth a look.

09 Jun

Feedback from dads

Jon R. says

Mantenatal has been really useful and now that I’m a dad I constantly draw on the tools, techniques and knowledge I acquired during Jenny’s classes. During labour I was really focused on being able to support my wife as best I could and some of the skills I picked up really helped me (and my wife!) make her labour as comfortable as possible. Attending was a very good use of my time and really helped me prepare for my new arrival. Additionally I gained lots of value from chatting with other dads and dads-to-be over coffee and sharing stories/ideas! It would be great if Jenny were to do a follow up sharing the secrets of how to get babies to eat, sleep and be happy (although so far, so good!)

Simon L. says

I really enjoyed attending the Mantenatal session and would thoroughly recommend them. It was great to rub shoulders with other expectant dads and, without our other halves present; we could really let our hair down! Even though I attended NCT antenatal classes two years ago with our first baby, I was surprised to see how much I had forgotten. I feel more confident going into the birth of our second child as I feel the course has refreshed my knowledge. I’ve also scored valuable points with my wife!

11 May

Commando Dad

Interesting clip of ‘Commando Dad’ talking about his new book for new dads which uses terminology from his time in the army in early parenting

[youtube_sc url=”gJ4Spdcb1Bk”]