09 Jun

Feedback from dads

Jon R. says

Mantenatal has been really useful and now that I’m a dad I constantly draw on the tools, techniques and knowledge I acquired during Jenny’s classes. During labour I was really focused on being able to support my wife as best I could and some of the skills I picked up really helped me (and my wife!) make her labour as comfortable as possible. Attending was a very good use of my time and really helped me prepare for my new arrival. Additionally I gained lots of value from chatting with other dads and dads-to-be over coffee and sharing stories/ideas! It would be great if Jenny were to do a follow up sharing the secrets of how to get babies to eat, sleep and be happy (although so far, so good!)

Simon L. says

I really enjoyed attending the Mantenatal session and would thoroughly recommend them. It was great to rub shoulders with other expectant dads and, without our other halves present; we could really let our hair down! Even though I attended NCT antenatal classes two years ago with our first baby, I was surprised to see how much I had forgotten. I feel more confident going into the birth of our second child as I feel the course has refreshed my knowledge. I’ve also scored valuable points with my wife!