17 Apr

Lovely Testimonial

Thank you so much to Lynette for this lovely testimonial. If you know any expectant mums who might be interested in doing the course then do get them to have a look at the website for details of dates etc.


I attended jenny’s class when I was 36 weeks pregnant. All 3 sessions made me feel a lot more at ease and gave me the reassurance i needed. All the breathing techniques came in really useful when the big day arrived, I spent 3 days at home having contractions and without the knowledge i gained from the classes i would of been in and out of hospital but i managed to stay at home using the different breathing methods. I had the natural birth i wanted and it went smoothly. I cant thank jenny enough for all the advice and questions she answered during the course. Would definatly recommend these sessions. If i ever have another baby i will be attending!


27 Mar

Bump Club

On this page you can download editions of the Bump Club a series of programs going out on Radio 5 following some mums-to-be through their pregnancies. This weeks edition discusses everything from feeling your baby kick to the debate about independent midwives – worth a listen

BBC – Podcasts and Downloads – Bump Club.