NCT Signature Antenatal 

Jenny has been teaching NCT Signature Antenatal classes in St Neots since 2002 and has helped hundreds of expectant parents.

Very good course leader – seemed experienced and confident, and would provide any further info requested.

Jenny’s courses are held in Priory Park Playgroup in Almond Road, St Neots, and cater for a maximum of 8 couples.

The course is generally spread over 6 weeks, usually including:

  • a mums-only session and a dads/partners-only session
  • a dedicated breastfeeding session
  • plus a reunion session with your class once all your babies have been born


With a relaxed and friendly style, every NCT Signature Antenatal course is as individual as you are. That’s because every course is tailored to the needs of the small group taking part.

Jenny, as an NCT Signature Antenatal practitioner, is fully licensed and experienced in preparing you – both physically and emotionally – for the arrival of your beautiful baby.

More than half of your course will cover the birth of your baby. There’s plenty of time to explore your questions, hopes and anxieties in a safe and supportive space. Plus you will also discover what your baby needs to help them thrive. So, of course, in an NCT Signature Antenatal class, there is no such thing as an awkward question.

Courses are run throughout the year. For more information on dates and costs, or to book a place, please email Ali on or enter your postcode and due date on the NCT website.  Discounted fees are available.