NCT Mother and Baby Yoga 

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  • Small interactive classes that allow mum and baby time to bond
  • Gentle yoga-based exercises for both you and your baby to do together
  • Weekly classes for women from six weeks after birth

NCT Mother and Baby Yoga classes provide a wonderful opportunity for you as a mum to ease your way back into exercise after the birth of your baby(ies). Or they can sit alongside other forms of exercise as a toning and relaxation space. Becoming a new mum or juggling two or more children for experienced mums can feel overwhelming, and it can be difficult to find time to relax or exercise. Your body may feel different from pre-pregnancy and you may not fully understand or be happy with the physical changes that have occurred.

These classes can help you to relax and feel more in control of your life, they can put you back in touch with how your body works and feels, and help you to strengthen and tone key areas. It can also leave you feeling refreshed, supported, enlivened and focused for the week ahead.

A good mix of relaxation and toning moves with tips on how to incorporate them into our busy lives


Babies are part of the classes, and are actively involved in many of the stretches and exercises. It gives you the opportunity to spend focused time interacting with and learning from your baby each week (and avoids the need for a crèche). This can have long lasting benefits for you both, and may be especially welcome if attending with second or subsequent child. The class helps develop their motor skills, increases their awareness of their surroundings, and calms and relaxes them.

Overall these classes allow precious time for you and baby to bond and develop, enhancing your understanding of your baby and so increasing your confidence in being a parent. You’ll also feel that you have focused on yourself for a short time, leaving you feeling refreshed and more in control.

We use nursery rhymes throughout the class, which creates a fun and relaxed atmosphere, and current research suggests that the highly rhythmic and repetitive nature of most nursery rhymes can be of huge benefit to your baby’s brain development.

Each class closes with a chance to get to know each other through informal chat while you stay to have a drink, creating new social links for you and your baby.

Classes on Mondays, 1.15 – 2.45pm at Love’s Farm House, St Neots.

The drop-in rate for each class is £10, which gives you the flexibility to decide when you want to attend. You can pay for drop-in by cash or cheque payable to Jenny Barrett, on the day of each session. Drop-in availability is subject to space, please email to check availability before coming.

Every class is different and you can attend from as soon as you have had your six week check. However you can buy a block of six classes for £50, which works out at less than £8.50 per class. The six classess need to be taken within a seven-week block, so if you are away or you or your baby are ill, there is a week of flexibility. If you come to the first six and want to attend the seventh you can pay at the drop-in rate.

Discounts of between 10% and 90% of the fee are available for those with an annual household income of £28,000 or less, under 18s (under 22s if in full-time education), and families in receipt of some means-tested benefits – so for some women classes can be attended for as little as £1 per week. Please contact Jenny in confidence for details.

Forthcoming class blocks

9th January to 27th February (omitting 13th February) Click to book
6th March to 8th May (omitting 10th and 17th April and 1st May) Click to book